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Get Ready ….


Tomorrow is the start of Advent , a time which about preparing ourselves for God, getting ready not just for Christmas and celebration of the birth of Jesus, but getting ready to meet with him each and every day ….

At The Cross at Yew Lane as well as our regular Sunday worship times during Advent, we’ve got a series of themed Advent reflections led once again by Rev Judith Jessop.

 30th November:Advent Prayers. 7 for 7.30pm (Finishes 8.30pm)

The Angel at the Ritz - part of the Advent street art project in Parson Cross

7th December: Advent Prayers. 1.30 for 2.00pm (Finishes 3.00pm)

12th December: Advent Prayers. 7 for 7.30pm (Finishes 8.30pm)

19th December: Advent Prayers. 1.30 for 2.00pm (Finishes 3.00pm)

Elsewhere on the estate PXI and local Methodists are celebrating Advent in a various ways, from the Street Art project with Ric Stottto the “Big Christmas Sing” at Mount Tabor on the 8th December (6-8pm) where there’ll be a chance to sing all your favourite Christmas carols and songs and raise money for Christian Aid and Chaucer schools Ubunye project.

Nearer Christmas PXI (Space to Grow) will be organising cakes and Carols on the allotments at Parson Cross Park and LEAF on Herries Road.

Starting it all off tomorrow is the Advent Youth event at Tabor “Get Ready …. Christmas is coming” with live band, art activities, free food and a chance to bring your instruments and play with the band.

Hopefully there’s something for everyone there and so we hope to see you and together share in this special Advent time …….

Oh yes ….. if you’re up early tomorrow tune into BBC Radio Sheffield at around 7.20am and listen to PXIs Nick Waterfield as he discusses Advent with Sarah Major.

A Change of Season


Well Autumn is now in full swing and in fact there’s starting to be a real feel of winter on some days….

A mushroom grows in the front garden at Yew Lane

the nights are getting darker, the wind is getting colder, and next week (30th October) the clocks go back – so don’t forget! .

The 31st October in the celtic & pagan calenders marks the first day of winter and the start of the celtic new year – nowadays of course its got far more linked to the highly commercialised season of Halloween and “Trick or Treats” – the new ASDA in Parson Cross has shelves stacked with costumes and decorations, as well as sweets and treats for children who will no doubt use the night as an excuse the eat more chocolates and sweets than are good for them!

The 31st October also sees another Quiet Afternoon at Yew Lane, led by Judith, the theme will be “Healing and Wholeness”.

In the Christian calender we are only weeks away from the start of the season of Advent when we look forward and prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This year we’ll be holding a special advent series of prayers and reflection – so please take a look at the diary page and come along to as many, or as few, as you you want.