Planning ahead


For a while we’ve been looking at how we might improve the space at Cross at Yew Lane in order to better meet the various needs of those who already use, and those we hope will use in future the premises and the garden.This year, thanks to a grant from Sheffield City Councils “Climate Change Fund” we’ve already replaced our old heating system with a much better, greener and more efficient system – but we still have plans for more over the coming months and years. these include:

  • Double glazing to windows in the main room.
  • Improved kitchen and serving area.
  • New meeting and activity room to replace the obsolete boiler and activity rooms.
  • Washroom, toilet and store accessible from the garden area.

On our new Facebook page there’s a poll asking which of the new refurbishment you’d be most likely to use, if you’ve time and access to Facebook please let us know – if you don’t “do” Facebook then why not leave a comment here about the ideas, and any further suggestions you have for improvements to the space or activities you’d like to see take place.


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